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A Small Caring Great Dane Breeder in North Carolina

Are you looking for Great Dane Puppies in NC?  We specialize in champion bloodline Blue Great Danes. If you are looking for Great Dane puppies in the Charlotte area then beautiful Great Dane puppies are just a short drive away. We are a small caring breeder of Blue Great Danes located about 45 minutes east of Charlotte North Carolina. We have been breeding Great Danes for 9 years and we only have one active breeding pair of Danes at any time. Our dogs and puppies receive excellent care and we are always available for any questions you may have regarding the care and health of your Great Dane.

Is a Great Dane Puppy a good choice for me?

The answer is definitely yes, if you would like to have a loyal companion that is very affectionate, playful and loves to go jogging with you and needs exercise every day. You should not worry even if you leave the dog alone at home. They are excellent watchdogs and can be trained easily. Great Danes get along well with other dogs and pets and also love children.

This breedís coat length is short and thick, therefore can live in warmer environments; however they canít stand very cold weather. Great Danesí intermittent shedding will cause no problems if you take care of the dogís hair at least once a week. They are very healthy dogs and they drool rarely. Great Danes are 100-120 lbs in weight and their height is around 30 inches. They can be trained at adult age as well if the handler is dominant and very gentle, but the best is if you train them at an early age.

All in all, Great Danes are ideal pets for families with children and for people, who like exercising themselves, but are not recommended for the elderly because of their huge energy needs.

I hope this short introduction about Great Danes will help you decide whether this dog is the right one for you. If you are trying to find Great Dane Puppies in NC, our contact information is below.


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